This Encampment Map, created and maintained by the City of Santa Rosa, shows encampments that are actively monitored by the City for the purpose of increasing community awareness and transparency. The map is updated regularly with the most current information from the City’s Encampment Team and reports received from the community including the location, estimated size, status, and data from the City’s Encampment Team.

While the map does not track specific debris removal efforts by the Transportation and Public Work’s Debris Response Team by location, since July 1, 2022 the Debris Response Team has removed 801 cubic yards of debris associated with encampments from public property.

Large encampments (5 or more dwellings) and smaller encampments (less than 5 dwellings) on public and private property are included on the map. A dwelling is a shelter, tent, vehicle or other structure where a person experiencing homelessness sleeps, stores property, and/or regularly engages in other life sustaining activities.

Click on an encampment below for more information specific to each location.

To learn more about the City’s Encampment Team or to report an encampment that is not included in the Encampment Map, please visit our Encampment Resolution page. Answers to frequently asked questions on homelessness and the City's response are available here.

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